E-Voting Solution

Enabling Board Members


What is E-Magles?

- E-Magles is a GAFI-accredited system that aims to allow board members of listed and unlisted companies to vote electronically.

- It enables companies to manage their voting processes.

- It relies on double authentication methods in order to verify the voters’ identities and ensure transparency and integrity.

- The feature allows all board members to participate in discussions and comment on items in meeting agendas.

- Through E-Magles, all necessary documents are sent to board members and shareholders to view and comment on.

- E-Magles doesn’t require any hardware as it is provided .

- E-Magles is compatible with MCDR systems for data collection.

Why E-Magles?


Cost Efficiency


Facilitates Internal Meetings

Parties benefiting from E-Magles


The system makes it easier for GAFI to follow up on registered companies’ agendas. The GAFI admin in charge of monitoring companies’ performance and financial standing can use E-Magles to approve, reject or comment on BOD decisions.


E-Magles helps EGID manage companies’ details electronically; the EGID admin in charge of this role can use the system to view, update or delete information, upon companies’ request. They are also to communicate these changes to GAFI and coordinate with companies.

Company Admin

The system also allows companies to select a member to create logins for voters, communicate with relevant parties and send out updates, among other things.