Who we are

EGID, a joint venture between the Egyptian Exchange (EGX) and NASDAQ, has over the past 20 years acted as a credible, authorized information source for EGX-listed companies.

The information we provide helps Egypt-based as well as international investors get a better understanding of Egyptian financial markets. Moreover, EGID also plans to soon take the software development market by storm with various technology solutions that could be used by many sectors.

Furthermore, our Tier 3 data center and hosting solutions are built to cater to investors’ every need and be compatible with the highest levels of required security, especially for the financial sectors.


“We believe in people”

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so muchHelen Keller

“At EGID, we believe a healthy work environment facilities high performance and innovation. Therefore, respect and appreciation are among the main characteristics we strive for as a company. We also adopt policies that ensure equal opportunity and professional growth for our employees.”


We create technology solutions that aim to help investors be aware of opportunities in Egypt at a time where the country is seeing an uptick in economic growth thanks to a bundle of bold reforms.


Our mission is to provide a unique and necessary service to bridge the gap between investors and Egyptian financial markets.

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