EGS3D061C015Egyptian Iron & Steel
EGS071L1C018Atlas For Investment and Food Industries
EGS38081C013Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals (EIPICO)
EGS65571C019Medinet Nasr Housing
EGS60301C016Housing & Development Bank
EGS21351C019Arabia Investments Holding
EGS3D0C1C018Misr National Steel - Ataqa
EGS33041C012Oriental Weavers
EGS38381C017Egyptian Financial & Industrial
EGS72AQ1C016Arab Co. for Asset Management And Development
EGS70GV1C015Golden Coast Company
EGS3C071C015El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma)
EGS65541C012Cairo For Investment And Real Estate Development
EGS52041C018Northern Upper Egypt Development & Agricultural Production
EGS70431C019Egyptian for Tourism Resorts
EGS3C111C019Ceramic & Porcelain
EGS3E181C010Egypt Aluminum
EGS691G1C015Belton Financial Holding
EGS37091C013Eastern Company
EGS33321C018Dice Sport & Casual Wear
EGS10001C013Asek Company for Mining - Ascom
EGS65211C012Egyptian Real Estate Group
EGS60241C014Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE)
EGS48031C016Telecom Egypt
EGS21531C016Elsaeed Contracting& Real Estate Investment Company SCCD
EGS95001C011Orascom Construction PLC
EGS694A1C018Porto Group
EGS214Q1C011Ismailia Development and Real Estate Co
EGS673Y1C015Emaar Misr for Development
EGS30211C014AJWA for Food Industries company Egypt
EGS60041C018Credit Agricole Egypt
EGS3C181C012Suez Cement
EGS651B1C018Gulf Canadian Real Estate Investment Co.
EGS47021C018United Arab Shipping
EGS693V1C014Orascom Investment Holding
EGS70R91C016El Wadi For International and Investement Development
EGS02051C018Cairo Poultry
EGS38311C014Paint & Chemicals Industries (Pachin)
EGS60081C014Qatar National Bank Alahly
EGS691S1C011T M G Holding
EGS60121C018Commercial International Bank (Egypt)
EGS02021C011Ismailia Misr Poultry
EGS655L1C012Palm Hills Development Company
EGS38191C010Abou Kir Fertilizers
EGS70271C019Remco for Touristic Villages Construction
EGS381B1C015Tenth Of Ramadan Pharmaceutical Industries&Diagnostic-Rameda
EGS69082C013Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding
EGS33061C010El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo)
EGS44012C010Maridive & oil services
EGS42051C010Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS)
EGS65441C015Mena Touristic & Real Estate Investment
EGS21541C015Giza General Contracting
EGS3C351C011South Valley Cement
EGS65081C019Development & Engineering Consultants
EGS30471C014Alexandria Flour Mills
EGS70321C012Orascom Development Egypt
EGS65851C015Six of October Development & Investment (SODIC)
EGS39061C014Misr Fretilizers Production Company - Mopco
EGS23141C012The Egyptian Company for Construction Development-Lift Slab
EGS30031C016Arabian Food Industries DOMTY
EGS30581C010Cairo Oils & Soap
EGS38201C017Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima)
EGS745L1C014Fawry For Banking Technology And Electronic Payment
EGS65091C018El Shams Housing & Urbanization
EGS305I1C011Edita Food Industries S.A.E
EGS44031C010Canal Shipping Agencies
EGS3G111C015El Arabia Engineering Industries
EGS3C0O1C016Arabian Cement Company
EGS38251C012Extracted Oils
EGS3C251C013Ezz Steel
EGS3C4L1C015Medical Packaging Company
EGS30AL1C012Obour Land For Food Industries
EGS74191C015Raya Contact Center
EGS75011C014MM Group For Industry And International Trade
EGS729J1C018Cleopatra Hospital Company
EGS3G231C011Electro Cable Egypt
EGS65341C017Egyptians Housing Development & Reconstruction
EGS73541C012Citadel Capital - Common Shares
EGS65061C011United Housing & Development
EGS65511C015National Real Estate Bank for Development
EGS380P1C010Alexandria Mineral Oils Company
EGS380S1C017Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals
EGS30901C010Juhayna Food Industries
EGS38211C016Misr Chemical Industries
EGS67221C019Arab Moltaka Investments Co
EGS60111C019Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank- Egypt
EGS78021C010Egyptian Media Production City
EGS69101C011Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding Company
EGS3C391C017Misr Cement (Qena)
EGS691D1C018CI Capital Holding For Financial Investments
EGS42111C012Alexandria Containers and goods
EGS512O1C012Ibnsina Pharma
EGS60322C012Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In US Dollars
EGS691L1C018Pioneers Holding
EGS675S1C011Amer Group Holding
EGS60321C014Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In EGP
EGS32221C011Arab Cotton Ginning
EGS65591C017Heliopolis Housing