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Market Announcements
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21/01/2019 15:47General Assemblies Cairo Poultry (POUL.CA) - EGM Minutes (before Certification)
21/01/2019 14:54General Release from International Company For Fertilizers & Chemicals (ICFC.CA) Concerning the AGM (NILEX)
21/01/2019 12:51General Release from Misr Cement (Qena) (MCQE.CA) Concerning Kuwaiti Investment Company Representative
21/01/2019 12:08EGX News EGX Finished the Development of EGX 30 Index Methodology
21/01/2019 11:44General Torah Cement (TORA.CA) - Board of Directors' Decision
21/01/2019 11:42General Release from Pioneers Holding (PIOH.CA) Concerning Its Latest Updates
21/01/2019 11:38General Release from Orascom Construction Limited (ORAS.CA) Concerning New Projects
21/01/2019 11:17General Assemblies Torah Cement (TORA.CA) - EGM Decisions
21/01/2019 11:16Insider Trading Executions/Treasury Stocks Insider Trading Executions: Trading Session 20/01/2019
21/01/2019 10:36General Release from Univert Food Industries (UNFO.CA) Concerning the Board of Directors & the Executive Managers(NILEX)
21/01/2019 10:34General Release From General Company For Land Reclamation,Development & Reconstru (AALR.CA) Concerning Amendments in the Executive Managers
21/01/2019 10:21General Union Pharmacist Company For Medical Services and Investment (UPMS.CA) - Updated Release of the Company's Data (NILEX)
21/01/2019 10:20General Release from Nozha International Hospital (NINH.CA) Concerning the BoD & Executive Managers
21/01/2019 09:56General Release from ARAB POLVARA SPINNING & WEAVING CO. (APSW.CA) Concerning a Lawsuit
21/01/2019 09:55General Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE) (EXPA.CA) - Minutes of the BoD Meeting
21/01/2019 09:39General Release from Cleopatra Hospital Company (CLHO.CA)
20/01/2019 15:42General Release from Egyptians Real Estate Fund Certificates (EGREF.CA) Concerning The Company's Website
20/01/2019 15:41General Golden Pyramids Plaza-First Instalment-2nd Issue-31 Jan 2020 (EGGOSEA2=CA) Declares Bond Dividends for Coupon No. (8)
20/01/2019 15:27General Release from Egyptian Satellites (NileSat) (EGSA.CA) Regarding the BOD Meeting
20/01/2019 14:24EGX News EGX Holiday on Thurday 24th of January 2019
20/01/2019 12:59General Ismailia National Food Industries (INFI.CA) - Board of Directors' Decisions
20/01/2019 12:26General Release from FRA Concerning Qatar National Bank Alahly (QNBA.CA)
20/01/2019 12:25General Release from GB Auto (AUTO.CA) Regarding the Amendment of the Executive Directors
20/01/2019 12:22General Egyptian Real Estate Group (AREH.CA AREHA.CA) - Board of Directors' Decisions
20/01/2019 12:21General Release from Ismailia National Food Industries (INFI.CA) Concerning the Board of Directors & the Executive Managers
20/01/2019 12:20Trading Notices Resume of Trading on Misr Hotels (MHOT.CA)
20/01/2019 12:20General Misr Hotels (MHOT.CA) - Board of Directors' Decisions
20/01/2019 12:19General Release From Raya Holding For financial Investments (RAYA.CA) Referring to What has been Published
20/01/2019 12:18Trading Notices Suspension of Trading on Misr Hotels (MHOT.CA)
20/01/2019 12:16General Net Asset Value of Listed Closed Funds Certificates - 17/01/2019
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