EGS60322C012Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In US Dollars
EGS675S1C011Amer Group Holding
EGS60321C014Faisal Islamic Bank of Egypt - In EGP
EGS32221C011Arab Cotton Ginning
EGS38161C013Universal For Paper and Packaging Materials (Unipack
EGS071L1C018Atlas For Investment and Food Industries
EGS38081C013Egyptian International Pharmaceuticals (EIPICO)
EGS60301C016Housing & Development Bank
EGS21351C019Arabia Investments Holding
EGS691T1C010B Investments Holding
EGS07061C012International Agricultural Products
EGS3D0C1C018Misr National Steel - Ataqa
EGS38381C017Egyptian Financial & Industrial
EGS70011C019Egyptian International Tourism Projects
EGS70GV1C015Golden Coast Company
EGS3C071C015El Ezz Porcelain (Gemma)
EGS3C111C019Ceramic & Porcelain
EGS60182C010Egyptian Gulf Bank
EGS3E181C010Egypt Aluminum
EGS69021C011El Ahli Investment and Development
EGS691G1C015Belton Financial Holding
EGS33321C018Dice Sport & Casual Wear
EGS10001C013Asek Company for Mining - Ascom
EGS738I1C018Sarwa Capital Holding
EGS60241C014Export Development Bank of Egypt (EDBE)
EGS21531C016Elsaeed Contracting& Real Estate Investment Company SCCD
EGS694A1C018Porto Group
EGS30211C014AJWA for Food Industries company Egypt
EGS3C181C012Suez Cement
EGS47021C018United Arab Shipping
EGS70R91C016El Wadi For International and Investement Development
EGS02051C018Cairo Poultry
EGS38311C014Paint & Chemicals Industries (Pachin)
EGS60081C014Qatar National Bank Alahly
EGS36021C011Rakta Paper Manufacturing
EGS02021C011Ismailia Misr Poultry
EGS38191C010Abou Kir Fertilizers
EGS70271C019Remco for Touristic Villages Construction
EGS69182C011Naeem Holding
EGS30201C015Delta Sugar
EGS33061C010El Nasr Clothes & Textiles (Kabo)
EGS65081C019Development & Engineering Consultants
EGS30471C014Alexandria Flour Mills
EGS3C401C014Sinai Cement
EGS44012C010Maridive & oil services
EGS42051C010Egyptian Transport (EGYTRANS)
EGS65441C015Mena Touristic & Real Estate Investment
EGS3C351C011South Valley Cement
EGS39061C014Misr Fretilizers Production Company - Mopco
EGS23141C012The Egyptian Company for Construction Development-Lift Slab
EGS30031C016Arabian Food Industries DOMTY
EGS30581C010Cairo Oils & Soap
EGS3F021C017Engineering Industries (ICON)
EGS65091C018El Shams Housing & Urbanization
EGS305I1C011Edita Food Industries S.A.E
EGS44031C010Canal Shipping Agencies
EGS3C0O1C016Arabian Cement Company
EGS38251C012Extracted Oils
EGS30431C018Egyptian Starch & Glucose
EGS30AL1C012Obour Land For Food Industries
EGS75011C014MM Group For Industry And International Trade
EGS3G231C011Electro Cable Egypt
EGS65061C011United Housing & Development
EGS38211C016Misr Chemical Industries
EGS67221C019Arab Moltaka Investments Co
EGS78021C010Egyptian Media Production City
EGS3C391C017Misr Cement (Qena)
EGS691D1C018CI Capital Holding For Financial Investments
EGS42111C012Alexandria Containers and goods