EGS3D061C015Egyptian Iron & Steel
EGS65571C019Medinet Nasr Housing
EGS33041C012Oriental Weavers
EGS65541C012Cairo For Investment And Real Estate Development
EGS70431C019Egyptian for Tourism Resorts
EGS37091C013Eastern Company
EGS48031C016Telecom Egypt
EGS95001C011Orascom Construction PLC
EGS673Y1C015Emaar Misr for Development
EGS60041C018Credit Agricole Egypt
EGS693V1C014Orascom Investment Holding
EGS69082C013Egyptian Kuwaiti Holding
EGS691S1C011T M G Holding
EGS60121C018Commercial International Bank (Egypt)
EGS655L1C012Palm Hills Development Company
EGS70321C012Orascom Development Egypt
EGS65851C015Six of October Development & Investment (SODIC)
EGS38201C017Egyptian Chemical Industries (Kima)
EGS3C251C013Ezz Steel
EGS729J1C018Cleopatra Hospital Company
EGS73541C012Citadel Capital - Common Shares
EGS380P1C010Alexandria Mineral Oils Company
EGS380S1C017Sidi Kerir Petrochemicals
EGS30901C010Juhayna Food Industries
EGS60111C019Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank- Egypt
EGS69101C011Egyptian Financial Group-Hermes Holding Company
EGS512O1C012Ibnsina Pharma
EGS691L1C018Pioneers Holding
EGS65591C017Heliopolis Housing